Sachit Ahuja is President of Tillman Global Holdings, responsible for the firm’s strategy and investments.

In his role, Sachit is responsible for capital allocation, strategy, and mergers and acquisitions for TGH, which takes an owner-operator approach to building market-leading platforms focused on long-term value creation. Sachit joined TGH in 2015, where he launched its US tower company, Tillman Infrastructure. Sachit is a co-founder of several TGH businesses, including Tillman Infrastructure, Tillman FiberCo, Tillman Networks and TDC. 

Previously, Sachit worked at the Raine Group, a merchant bank focused on TMT, Sports and Entertainment. He currently sits on the board of Tillman Global Holdings, Tillman Infrastructure, Tillman FiberCo, TDC, and Tillman Networks. Sachit also serves on the board of the US - India Strategic Partnership Forum and is a Founding Trustee of Plaksha University. Sachit received his MBA from Harvard Business School and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics with concentrations in Management and Finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.